About Us

One serving of Moringa has more vitamin C than seven oranges, four times the calcium present in milk, and twice the protein as well as three times the amount of potassium found in a single banana. It can reduce free radicals in the body that cause cancer and speed aging, and lower blood pressure due to its high levels of Niacin in the form of A1 and A5 as well as Vitamins B3 and B10. Just 100g of fresh Moringa leaves contain 8.3 g protein, 434 mg calcium, 404 mg potassium, 738 μg vitamin A, and 164 mg vitamin C.
Our Story


Limited Partnership Siempre Bella Eucalyptus and Moringa Farms is a family business for more than 50 years.   We are both farming and wholesalers.  Since 1969 we have promoted Eucalyptus, now Morgina.   This highly functional food with its remarkable nutritional profile.   Consisting of antibiotic, anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.  It is as close to a perfect food to be found; rich in minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, phytochemicals, vegetable protein and carbohydrates.  Research has demonstrated that the bioavailability of nutrients from plant sources is superior to the “test tube vitamins and minerals” with poor absorption rates.  The body is its own genius and will heal itself with proper care and nourishment.


Social Mission: To promote the benefits of Moringa oleifera and its allied products to individuals and communities for the betterment of health around the world.


Product Mission: To procure, distribute, and sell the finest Moringa and allied products toward an aim of maintaining or achieving good health.


Economic Mission: To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis, increasing value for our stakeholders and to provide opportunities for growth and development of our employees.